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How (and Why) to Profile
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Our new website has many opportunities for WPA members to engage with fellow professionals. It may seem daunting at first to set up your personal profile and to start getting connected online, so we’ve designed this page to give you a head start.

The first thing to do when you come to the website is to sign in with your username and password. This will allow you to access more pages and resources than non-members and the general public.

Once you log in, you will notice a green “My Profile” box. This is where you can start getting connected with other WPA members, appear Find a Psychologist searches, and more. We will go through each category in this “My Profile” box so that you can get a sense of “How to Profile” and use these new resources.

Keep in mind that some of these features may be pretty “sparsely populated” at first. As more members enter their profile data, more functions will be available for everyone.

Profile Home

When you click on “Profile Home” you will be taken to a page that looks very similar to a Facebook page. It functions in a similar way and allows you to upload a profile photo by clicking on the blank photo and even upload other pictures by clicking the green “More” plus sign button. You will also see a “Feed” which is where news and updates from your professional connections will show. In the Feed, other members can also post to your wall, much like you would do on Facebook. In addition, there is a “Bio” tab -- this is where you can update your contact information, as well as enter past education and other professional information. By doing so, relevant criteria can be employed when other professionals or the public want to complete a search or make a connection.

Manage Profile

When you click on “Manage Profile”, many choices come up for you to start personalizing your WPA online member profile. Here, you can also edit your Bio. You can customize your email, notification and privacy preferences. Invoice and Membership management are also great tools that you can access from this page. You can create networks with your favorite websites and chat with other WPA members who are also online (to do so, click on “Who’s Online Now” under “My Networks”).  Under “Manage Profile” you can upload photos and create your own unique pages.

Our website has many opportunities for you to create an online professional network, and the “Manage Profile” page is no exception! Here you can message other members directly through the website (instead of using email), make “Connections” similar to adding people as friends on Facebook, and subscribe to WPA blogs. In addition, you can join groups and follow forums, but we will get more into that later!

Finally, through the “Manage Profile” page, you can upload your CV and manage your CV privacy settings so that you are in control of who can see it.


“Groups” are a great feature provided with our new website. It allows you to connect with other WPA members on a smaller scale. Whether you are already in an Interest Section, have a WPA committee or leadership position, or are just interested in a certain topic, there is probably a group for you. Within a group, you can see a directory of other group members, view a calendar of events, connect on relevant issues through group forums, and upload and view pictures to a group photo gallery.

Under the “Groups” tab, you can request to join a group, view groups you are currently a part of, and get started connecting with other like-minded WPA members!

Don’t see a group you want to join? Propose a new group!!


The “Networks” link under the “My Profile” box is a quick and easy way to access this page instead of accessing it through the “Manage Profile” feature. It brings you to the same page so that you can chat with other WPA members who are currently online and connect with websites you are a part of (i.e. your business website, your Facebook, etc).


Did you know that you can send other WPA members messages directly from our new website? Through the “Messages” tab, you can send, receive and view messages.


By “Connecting” with other WPA members through our website, you can stay updated on their website activity and quickly communicate with them. On the “Connections” page, you can manage your connections and organize them into different categories. There is even an option to message all of your connections within a certain category, making professional communication quick and easy!

Membership Info

Have questions about your membership category or whether you are a current member? Click on “Membership Info,” and all of your membership information is right there!

Now that you’ve learned about some of the features available on the WPA website, we hope you will begin taking advantage of the resources and the opportunity to build your personal profile today!


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